Monday, July 6, 2009

Dubai by Day

Homeward bound was the theme as my plane departed from Damascus international airport on Thursday June 25. In twenty-four hours I would be in Detroit, meeting up with my family in the eleventh hour of preparing for my older brother's wedding this Sunday. First, however, I had a six hour layover to make the most of the desert wonderland of Dubai.

When I flew to Syria, my layover in Dubai occurred at night so my options to see the city were limited. This time the afternoon was my oyster. And so I went to the one place that shouts DUBAI like no other: Emirates Mall, home of the world's only indoor ski resort.

Ultimately I did not ski, concluding that the conspicuous consumption and cost were more than I was prepared to indulge. But I did feast my eyes on the very luxe mall, with its international clientele, the majority of whom are clearly not from the region. Before leaving the mall at closing time, I did make one purchase, finding a late night salon to clean up my bangs and ensure I am more presentable for the simcha that awaits me in the States.

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