Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Week, Lost Notes

UPDATE: I have changed the date of this note from October 18 to October 11 in order to allow readers to recognize the many notes that occurred during the week of the 11 but that I only finished writing and posting after this note. Enjoy!

I have fallen behind with me blog, as last week was jam packed with such fun events as:
a) I became a soldier.
b) I bared my soul, er kinda, to my garin.
c) I had my physical for the tryout for Sayeret freakin' Matkal.
d) I met with the Deputy Defense Minister in Israeli Army HQs.
e) And a fascinating, fun filled shabbat in Jerusalem.

These will all be posted shortly, please G-d.

Note that I often post notes weeks past the date they happened, meaning when they appear on the blog they are hidden back on the date when I first began writing the note and hence you will never see them unless you scroll back to check what you may have missed.
As I do not expect anyone to do so, I'll try to post little notes like this to highlight these "Lost Notes" that get posted way late. For a hot off the press example, see this puppy, though note that it is fairly personal and so it is not advised for the fainthearted ;-)

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  1. sammy shmuel shabat,you are a complete joy,, watching your creative methodes during mealtime gives me something to ponder about thru out the day,, your vort on the last pasuk in the torah almost makes me want to start studying again, something grand about living on the farm is meeting and connecting with with younguns like you ,reading your blog is so important & eye opening to me, so heres to mahar and the day after , to blog is to be part of ...